Micah P Gomez University Degree Retrieval

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  • Is Micah P Gomez University an accredited university?

    MPGU is just as accredited a university as Prager University. However unlike Prager University, MPGU is not a source of misinformation.

  • How much is tuition to MPGU?

    $0.00 USD per semester, with a 10% rebate available if enrolled for a full year. Further contributions can be made here.

  • Where is the MPGU campus located?

    Micah P Gomez University is located at 2 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20024.

  • What should I do if I have COVID-19 symptoms?

    Wear a mask, seek medical care, and avoid any public meetings, including but not limited to on-campus courses at Micah P Gomez University.

  • What are the steps to acceptance into MPGU?

    Take a shower, have a snack, and press the button above.

  • Does MPGU accept international students?

    No, in the sense that Micah P Gomez University does not recognize state or nation borders. Anyone is welcome in Micah P Gomez University in regard to otherwise percieved geographical barriers.

  • Are MPGU degree certificates subject to revokation?

    Yes. Micah P Gomez University graduation certifications are automatically null and void if the recipient expresses views contrary to those outlined in the Micah P Gomez University code of ethics.