Micah Gomez

I also go by "MPG13" and
"That guy that's oddly obsessed with Spider-Man".

I'm a 19 year old iOS and Excel Spreadsheet developer,
but I also love politics, making videos, and gaming.
Check out my resume!

  • This is a collection of some of the software I've written, as well as where you can find it. Included are apps I've published on 1st and 3rd party app stores, as well as software and tools I host myself elsewhere.

  • AC Tape Deck

    An iOS app that plays music based on the hour of the day, designed for emulating real-time soundtracks like in Animal Crossing. Supports up to 5 playlists, and features a clock in the Animal Crossing font on the media controls screen.

  • FlashBack

    A setup manager for iOS 11 - 13. Allows saving tweak preferences, icon layouts, and wallpapers.

    Download it on Dynastic >

  • UnderTime

    A tweaks to customize the iPhone X status bar using the standard NSDate format.

    Download it my repo >

  • Tips+

    A website with a handful of tools for learning the basics of iOS jailbreaking.

    Visit the page >

  • These are excel spreadsheets I've developed entirely from scratch. Originally designed to help me track my own numbers, I've tried to adapt the spreadsheets to be accessible to a larger population.

  • Financial Tracker

    An excel spreadsheet to help visualize and manage finances throughout the year. It is up to date for 2020.

    Download it now >

  • Grade Tracker

    An excel spreadsheet to help keep track of grades and calculate GPA, with other helpful statistics.

    Download it now >

  • Rommate Financial Splitter

    An excel spreadsheet to help balance living expenses between you and your roommates on an annual calandar. Allows between 1-4 total occupants, allows several custom entries, calculates how much is due from each roommate, and the difference between what is paid. View the video guide for a more in-depth explanation.

    Download it now >

    Video Guide >

  • These are papers I've written in the past that I've felt particularly proud of. These papers may date back several years and may not accurately reflect my views now.

  • Unbecoming

    A memoir written about my experiences within the Mormon faith and my departure from it.

    Download it now >

  • The RED Act

    A mock congress bill to prompt reform of religious tax exemption.

    Download it now >